From that came the phrase “it will turn the leaf”it?

All those who love games…
with cards, you are surely aware of the phrase “it will turn the leaf”, having probably makes hell quite a few times. The phrase is also used figuratively with the sense that things will change.
Takis Νατσούλης, gives us two versions for the origin of this phrase.
In accordance with the first, in the older years the teacher gave to the students of a certain text for reading and interpretation, and those, of course , were obliged to learn and to say without any mistakes.
So when the student didn’t know the other day a good lesson, the teacher doesn’t change, but cause him to repeat the same lesson, and the next day. It happened many times not to change his sheet and a couple of times. However , from then on it stayed as our years the phrase “we will turn the leaf”, i.e. it will change things.
In accordance with the second version, the Lion of Venice holding a Gospel, that on it were written the words “Pax tibi Marce, evangelista meus” (Peace be with you, Mark, evangelist of mine). But when the French conquered the most Serene Senorita of Venice, wrote in the Gospel “Dirittie doueri dell nomo e del’ Cittadino’, i.e. ‘the rights and duties of man and of the citizen”. The Venetians jokingly said, “The church of St. Mark εγύρισε leaf”.