Freddie Belleris for his conviction: I didn’t expect a parody trial without any evidence.

The elected mayor Himaras, spoke to ERT through prison, waiting for the reasoning of the conviction from the Court in . As Freddy Beleris points out “I didn’t expect the trial to be so parody, without any evidence and I didn’t expect that judges in the end didn’t even make sense to escape from office and be the long arm of power”, in Albania. At the same time the elected mayor of Himara again turned his arrows against Eddie Rama saying the Albanian Prime Minister is the arranger of this case. “The Albanian Prime Minister and with the support of the international community since the beginning of this case showed his attitude. I believe this is unfair to Albania. Greece has pushed as much as Mr. Rama could to own his country and controls justice, controls all institutions. in Albania there is a hybrid democracy,” he said.

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