Freddie Beleris will appeal after his conviction – he mentions “political prosecution”

The elected Mayor of Chimarras will take a judgment against him, as he said. Freddie Beleris mentions “political persecution”, announcing that he would appeal, while the Greek Foreign Ministry’s reaction was intense. “My crime is that we Chemarites want to be the masters of our ancestral land. My crime is that my fellow Chimarites elected me Mayor against Albanian Prime Minister Eddie Rama’s plans,” he said, in the wake of the conviction against him. “European Union and USA, is this the Justice you want for us? I leave the judges to the mockery of the Albanian people. I will continue my struggle for Justice and Democracy in the name of my fellow citizens. Sooner or later, I’ll find justice. I have as much patience as it takes to reach the end of this case,” Beleris added. It is noted that elected mayor Himaras was sentenced to two years in prison for active corruption in the local elections.

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