Freddie Beleris: “Not arrested, kidnapped,” former Albanian president Ilir Meta says

“O was not arrested, kidnapped,” said former Albanian president, . In an interview he granted to the Open and his first statement after the Beleri conviction, Albanian party leader “Freedom” spoke of a political court. He also accused Rama that shortly before Beleri’s arrest, he had said in statements that he would pursue him “personally himself”. “It is not a special court, it is Rama’s political court. Beleris wasn’t arrested. Beleris was kidnapped. Everyone knows everything is made, because the prime minister had interviewed a few hours before the police kidnapped him, warning that he would pursue him personally,” he said. On whether he believes in innocence Beleri, the former Albanian president replied: “I believe he is the legitimate mayor of Chimarras, elected by the people. Having been confirmed by the election process and based on the Constitution, nothing forbids Beleri from swearing.” On whether the prosecutor is controlled by Rama, Ilir Meta commented: “Justice here is completely controlled by Rama. This case is clearly political and has nothing to do with respect for the Constitution’s law and citizens’ wishes.” Asked if he thinks this case will delay Albania’s EU membership, he said: “The case is an example around the world, to see that in Albania laws are not respected. Criminal organizations openly support Rama as candidates, violating citizens’ wishes.”

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