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Frbiz. com reports The European commission says the oracle would reduce competition from takeover sun

Beijing time on November 24, according to the overseas media reported today, because worried, documents show MySQL database will no longer be the oracle of the product competition, the commission may stop oracle – from trade. The European commission said in a statement, once this transaction is finished, the oracle will “completely control” source code and MySQL intellectual property. Oracle may modify MySQL open source licensing agreements, limit the ability of other companies using MySQL. The European commission published in the so-called “objection statement” (objections of statement, the oracle motivated said to technical and commercial measures, stop fretting. The MySQL Oracle November 9, issued a statement that said, “the statement that the European commission, the objection database market competition pattern and the open source movement lack of understanding from takeover. Not weaken competition in the market. ” Oracle said, not restrict competition from the database, the products are mainly used for large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises are facing MySQL and web sites. Oracle’s main rival is IBM and Microsoft and Sybase. Lawyer Vahida antitrust law Oswell & denis Oswald Dennis (Oswell) says Wilma, the European commission is difficult to obtain MySQL will reduce proof oracle potential competitors, “MySQL must be able to state in short-term at a reasonable cost into the market, the oracle to become its potential competitors. If the current MySQL and oracle in the same market, MySQL will adopt oracle products”. The European commission, said the document does not recognize the oracle. IDC estimate is that in 2008, for MySQL revenue for $400 million, market share for 0. 2%. The European commission said, every day is about 6 MySQL downloads, is “million times the most widely used” open source database, the actual competitive market share than by calculation. Oracle to the European commission said, with Microsoft for MySQL is small and medium-sized enterprises is an important approach to the customer. The European commission is about to other companies could “development”, or derived from its source code using MySQL independent development of MySQL question, “enterprise may not only by copying source success, not to mention the” competition and oracle.

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