France organizes its own Security Conference, in Munich standards

On 13 and 14 March, the “Paris Defence and Strategy Forum” is organizing its first international security conference, the “Paris Defence and Strategy Forum”, in the model of the Munich Conference and other major international security conferences. The aim of this first conference in France dedicated to Europe, “at the crossroads”, is to “allow French and European strategic thinking to express themselves”, General Benoit Drier, president of Academ, the Military School Defence Academy, announced today. Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda is expected at this meeting at which there will be 63 round table discussions and other events where officials of 68 nationalities, MPs, diplomats and defence followers, researchers and academics will intervene. From the French side, Minister of Armed Forces Sebastian Lekorni will open the conference work and Chief of Armed Forces General Staff Thierry Bukar will close the conference. Present will also be 22 CEOs of defence operations. “It has been over two years since Russia attacked Ukraine, and less than six months since Hamas attacked Israel” and “the world (as it was) before 24 February 2022 no longer exists. Russia objectively appears to represent a danger to Europe,” said General Dirieu, president of Academ. “Do it mean act together, decide together. And these decisions must be strengthened by our thoughts and discussions,” he stressed. There will be analyses and discussions on lessons from the war in Ukraine, the Mediterranean, the Pacific, African issues, the new situation in the Baltic Sea, military models, misinformation, human resources, the future of NATO’s security architectures. Academ, established in the autumn of 2023, brings together about twenty research organisations, training seminars, reflection groups involved in the strategic dialogue in Europe.