France: ‘If Ukraine falls, the whole European Union will be in danger’

France seems to take the lead in the risks posed by a defeat by Vladimir Putin’s forces. Just yesterday, Tuesday 5.3.2024, Emanuel Macron in a message that was broadcast subtitled and in English, struck the alarm of danger saying that everyone in the European Union must know that the war in Ukraine affects us all. “… we must be clear. For two years we have repeated: the war has returned to European territory, ” said the president of France to add: “I am convinced that the clarity of these statements is what Europe needed. But you should ask Putin what he is willing to do. Who started the war in Ukraine? Putin. Putin. Everyone turns to him to find out what his strategic boundaries are. But if every day we explain our limits to someone who has no one and started this war, I can tell you that the spirit of defeat lurks out there. ” Today, in similar dramatic tons, the French Foreign Minister warned that “if Ukraine falls, the European Union will be in danger, ” listing the consequences for both France and Europe in the event of a Russian victory over Ukraine. “Vladimir Putin seeks only to test our solidarity. Therefore, we must avoid this scenario,” Sezurne continued adding: “Avoiding this scenario means primarily maintaining Ukraine’s support initiative with our allies, making bilateral agreements – as we did – and helping Ukrainians as best we can.” When asked about President Macron’s recent statements on the possible sending of Western troops to Ukraine and the reactions they caused, the French Minister tried to clarify the French position saying that the President of France wanted to leave all scenarios open and stressed that Russia should not be allowed to act as he wants. “We are experiencing a turning point that should lead us to stand up to Russia. Countries such as Russia see only the balance of power and we must play this paper, the balance of power, to protect the French, to protect the Europeans,” he summed up.

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