France: Her 13-year-old Brother Is Missing · Global Voices

The body of a 4 year old girl was found in , which drifted from the rushing waters of a river on Saturday (09.03.2024), due to her sweeping the area. At the same time, investigations continue on the death of the 13-year-old brother, he became known by the prosecution. Also on Monday the corpse of their father, one of the victims of bad weather, had been found in this region of southeastern France. The account of the heavy storms that hit southeastern France in the weekend now stands at six dead, of which five were lured by torrents to Gar and an 80-year-old was spotted yesterday on the river Eros. The two children were swept away on Saturday night by rushing waters, while aboard their parents’ car, who attempted to cross a bridge to Gardon. But their vehicle fell into the river. The mother of the children, aged 40, was rescued before the car was swept away. Today, river waters have retreated and Gardon’s level is approaching its usual levels for this period of the year, which allows for the continuation of investigations in areas that remain flooded. A man has also been missing since Saturday in Ardes’ neighbouring apartment. According to one police source, it was the manager of a small hydroelectric unit that had gone to check its facilities. In Spain, three people who were swept away by waves were ignored after bad weather, became known yesterday by the authorities, who continue the investigations to find them.