France – Michel Barnier: Candidates for the 2022 presidential election

Former European Union Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, a 70-year-old political veteran, announced his candidacy for the 2022 presidential election on Thursday, projecting the French right-wing vision for a “reconciled France“.

Mr. Barnier, a Republican (Les R├ępublicains, LR, right), told reporters he wanted to “limit and control” immigration, put “work, dignity at the center of our society” again, and fight against it. “Of climate change that overturns everything”.

Referring to the recapture of power by the Taliban in Afghanistan, Barnier stressed that his country “has a moral duty to provide asylum” to those “who worked for it”, but “we must also say that we will not welcome everyone Reiterating its intention to have a moratorium on immigration.

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