Four Velez Sarsfield footballers charged with sexual assault

According to the Spanish newspaper “AS”, four of Velez Sarsfield and in particular Abiel Osorio, José Florentine, Brian Kufre and Sebastian Sosa, are accused of grouping to a 24-year-old woman. The incident occurred on March 3, when the young lady went to a hotel room invited by Sosa. Once he got there, he realized the presence of all three others. Football players began drinking alcoholic drinks, while the complainant felt sick and laid in one of the room beds. And according to her claims, she was sexually assaulted without her consent. Once she felt a little better, she called a cab in order to go home. He then filed a lawsuit and the prosecution requested a thorough medical examination. The Argentine team’s management, where the four footballers struggle, issued an announcement informing that: “The club took note of the sexual abuse complaint submitted to the Prosecutorial Crimes Unit against the Sexual Integrity of Tucumán Province on March 6, this year, involving four players of our professional team. Given the seriousness of the complaint, the Board of Directors was immediately made available to the Judge of Tukuman to provide all relevant information and information in order to be able to contribute to the investigation and clarification of the matter, but also the performance of responsibilities. Similarly, as part of the club’s action protocol in cases of gender violence, it was decided preventively to exclude the four football players from the team’s activities.”