Fortunis for Olympiacos – Panathinaikos: “Derby final to win”

He described derby – Panathinaikos as derby, with the leader of the “reds” pointing out that his team must take the victory. Kostas Fortunis made statements about the “great” derby Olympiacos – Panathinaikos, with the Greek footballer stating that the game is final for both teams. In fact, the pirate leader stressed that he and his teammates must win the race to get past their opponent in the score, while pointing out that the heavy defeat by Maccabi Tel Aviv to the Conference League should be forgotten. Fortunis’ words about Olympiacos – Panathinaikos The defeat to Maccabi Tel Aviv: “It was a difficult night for us. We didn’t expect that. We saw the opponent was a very good and working team. We made some mistakes that we need to improve starting with the next match. We forget this game. We have a derby in front of us. We know what to do, we know how important it is and we all have to give something more to win. I’m sure the team showed a very good face so far. We only had many consecutive games with wins, but that’s football. We need to see what went wrong against Maccabi, regroup and move on because we have many games ahead and our goal is to win it all.” Whether it is “final” the Sunday derby with Panathinaikos: “Yes, I agree, because it’s an Olympic derby- Panathinaikos and if we win, we leave them behind. It is a very important game and we need to look at it as a final and start with the playoffs victory to have a similar continuity along the way. These games are judged on who wants it the most in duel. Many times we see that they don’t get good games and in the end the person who wants it the most wins. We need to be focused on all 90 minutes and get the win.”

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