Formula 1: Max Ferstapen and Red Bull found no opponent at either Grand Prix in Jedda

He celebrated his 100th podium in Formula 1 with a lead in Jedda’s Grand Prix and Red Bull made another 1-2. Their sovereignty did not “break” even in Jedda. Max Ferstapen first saw the checkered flag in the match in Saudi Arabia repeating Bahrain’s “work”. The Dutch pilot made 2/2 in this season in Formula 1 with Red Bull repeating 1-2. Sergio Peres was found on the second step of the podium with the other Red Bull, while in third place Charles Leclair and Ferrari went up. Impressive 7th place was won by rookie, Ollie Berman with the other Ferrari. To mention that the third holder of the title, with his success in the Middle East country race reached 9 streak wins in Formula 1, while rising his 100th podium, at the age of 26.