Former reality player: “27-year-old knew nothing about fuel and drink fraud,” her lawyer says

“He was at the wrong point at the wrong time,” claims former player lawyer arrested along with 19 other people for participating in an illegal fuel and drink circuit. According to 27-year-old advocate Dimitris Zorba, she is accused, among other things, of participating in a criminal organisation and money laundering and pleads not guilty. “My client was found in the wrong place at the wrong time. She’s been working at that gas station for two months. He knew nothing about fuel fraud and alcohol fraud,” he stressed. The former reality player is in custody and will be taken on Monday morning March 11 before the interviewer to give her own explanations about the offences she faces. According to her counsel, 27-year-old is in custody because she was at the time of the gas station raid. “This girl, because she was working at that gas station, the moment the police raid took place she was arrested along with everyone else. On Monday she will give all the necessary explanations and prove her innocence,” she adds. Police authorities have so far arrested a total of 20 people who had set up a circuit of fraudulent fuel and drinks through six gas stations. A reference point for the criminal organization is an illegal plant in Aspropyrgos where solvents were traded for fuel fraud. The chemical solvents their spiral was supplied by Bulgaria. The damage caused to public funds by lost profits exceeds EUR 1,2000,000.