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Former prisoner stabbed her partner – but She denounced him for a completely different reason

An incredible incident happened in Heraklion, starring an ex-prisoner and his partner…
In accordance with information of the cretapost, it’s about a man, 36 years old from Iraq, who in the last few years in and out of prison for various offences.
The 36-year-old after a fight with his partner pulled a knife and injured her.
The same – which, fortunately, is not in danger of health – decided to terminate the 36-year-old but not for injury but for a host of thefts which have been committed in the last period.
The control and the… findings
The authorities proceeded to search the house of the 36 where they found and confiscated the stolen goods while they id’ed him for a total of 20 break-ins of cars in the wider area of Heraklion.
In accordance with the notice of the police, the 36-year-old had removed money, jewelry, electrical and electronic devices (tv, computers, tablet, i-pad, video camera, cameras and other), clothing and footwear, mobile phones, personal documents and miscellaneous items, the total value of which amounts to € 15,000.
Yes, the theft of these had committed from 6 May to 29 August.
It is worth noting that in his house were found and confiscated in addition to a small quantity of cannabis and sums of money of other countries.
Finally, in accordance with the notice of the police, some of these items were identified and given to the owners.
The preliminary hearing is continued by the Security Sub-division of Heraklion, while the 36-year-old will be driven to the district attorney.

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