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    (Title) Fourteen automatic external defibrillators purchased by the Payment and Control Agency Community Aids, Guidance and Guarantee Fund (OPEKEPE) in 2007, “under the protection of health workers in the organization, making 22 491 EUR.
    how “necessary” was the supply of these machines can be seen from the fact that it remained unused and packed up long ago to store the body.
    devices found during the removal of organization in the new building. It is also noted that these machines which can handle only qualified personnel.
    However, the supply of equipment made by conducting a competition approved by the Board of Governors, following the recommendation of the president of the organization Mr. John Karatzoglou. More precisely, we had to make two contests and three boards to buy the defibrillators.

    As indicated to the Board held on 01.25.2007 the then general director of Mr. OPEKEPE Trisevgeni Papavassiliou “in the context of protecting health workers OPEKEPE and better shielding against emergencies, it is necessary to supply the equipment and all the buildings of the organization with 14 automated external defibrillators».
    The total expenditure approved in up to 20,000 euros. But the draft tender held on February 15, 2007, received two offers from companies Christofilopoulos C. and Medical Devices Ltd., which does not include the required technical specifications, as explaining the minutes of the Board – but it was expensive the expenditure had been budgeted.

    So it suggests the supply of a fresh tender with rising cost estimates and changing technical requirements.
    On February 28, 2007, repeat the contest in which were The two previous bids, and even one on behalf of the company Papapostolou – Center Medical Equipment. The tender was awarded to the company C. Christofilopoulos, which did the most economical offer and undertook to supply the body 14 defibrillators total budget 22.491 Euro.
    The 14 defibrillators and then obviously received and remained packed in the warehouse where they found OPEKEPE some time ago.
    The Minister for Rural Development, Mr. Caterina Batzeli intends to deliver the defibrillators to the Ministry of Health to serve the health centers in remote areas.

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