Five moves that are better than a thank you

On the occasion of the days of love are going through, express your gratitude not with a simple thank you or a gift, but with 5 gestures that show a lot and cost nothing!
With a little creativity, those who mean a lot to you will receive the love that you feel to their face.
Build a special recipe
The homemade treats are a great way to show your appreciation. Run a homemade recipe or cook a recipe that you made all by yourself. A good and hearty meal, I will never pass unnoticed.
Leave a message
Buy a small blackboard and write with chalk a short but sweet message or write a letter in which you capture your thoughts. Do not forget that the writing remains and is better than a lot of said!
Give a keepsake box
Put in a small box of miscellaneous knick-knacks which have a great sentimental value for you as well as a small note to show it to the person who is going to donate how much she means to you. It’s not just a small “thank you”, but an easy way to “store” memories.
Offer flowers
Who doesn’t like flowers? Show your love with a bouquet of flowers and offer it to the/the favorite/the. Pick a variety of flowers from a florist or make your own composition picking flowers from your garden. Will not leave anyone untouched.
Create a jar of gratitude
Write a few thank-you messages and put them in a glass jar. You can also fill in small chocolates your loved one will read them all in a random order and sweet feelings flooded his heart!