“Fires” lit the government by Anna Michel Asimakopoulou: The Department of Interior’s response to emails

The Maximus Palace does not take out a “yellow card” in , however, the frustration is evident, as the issue that arose with the massive emails sent from its office to Greek voters abroad, gave the opposition the trigger to talk about… “irregularities” and “trying fraud” and to target . Sources of government are unequivocal… “There is no issue with Ms. Asimakopoulou” they say, stressing that she will normally participate in the European referendum in the June elections. In other words, the Maximos Palace covers the MEP, as well as Niki Kerameos… Government Representative Paul Marinakis refuted the opposition’s allegations that the evidence was provided by the interior ministry, referring to the announcement of the Ministry’s Secretary-General. In the reply of the Ministry of Interior, the Government Representative refers “We had an answer from G.G. of Interior and Organization, Athanasios Balerba, according to which Mr. Balerbas says: The Ministry of Interior does not provide email addresses, e-mails, e-mails, electors to candidates or parties, as provided for in the legislation in force. This is the answer of the Ministry of Interior, so there is no issue, according to this announcement,” said Mr Marinakis, when informing the political editors. ‘Game’ in opposition The frustration over the issue raised by the ‘blue’ MEP is also exacerbated by the fact that the opposition is given the opportunity to raise the issue of the unpopularity of the epistolic vote, in a timing that the government is trying to dispel any doubt about the security of the process. In this direction the question put to the Commission by SYRIZA MEP Costas Arvanitis, which caused the Government Representative to react strongly. “Classical Syriza… It is really a pity, in the context of the need for some people to do Opposition for any reason, to try to torch or call into question a leading process – which follows all the protocols that are followed in the other countries of Europe and the strictest filters – which are the process of the epistolic vote,” said P. Marinakis. For explanations, Anna Michelle Asimakopoulou is invited by the Privacy Authority The government refers to the investigation ordered by the relevant Independent Privacy Authority, while noting that the issue of personal data protection is a complex issue, which has also been dealt with by the N.D., as, as Mr. Marinakis said, many party officials have received and received emails from individuals or traders, to whom they have not given their own e-mail addresses. According to the Independent Authority, more than 100 foreign voter complaints have arrived, which received the controversial email, stating that their e-mail addresses had stated during their registration on the epistolic vote platform, as well as on the special electoral lists for the past national elections. What the New Democracy MEP replies The Privacy Authority now calls on “Anna Michel Asimakopoulou to explain, “what lists it has and where it has from”. “I will cooperate with the Authority in what is requested to reveal the truth,” replies the N.D. MEP, stating, in a post, that her office sent newsletters, with contact details gathered as a Member of Parliament during the last 5 years, to request permission to communicate regularly with them and that she did not receive personal data from the Ministry of Interior or another body of government.