Finally, the elephants in one of the largest circuses in the USA

The last performance, they gave the elephants this Weekend in one of the largest american circuses, …
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, dropping the curtain on a tradition of two centuries, under the tremendous pressure of the defenders of animal rights.
The 11 female elephants of the Ringling Forth will be withdrawn and you will be transported to a shelter that has created the circus in Florida, the Center for the Protection of Elephants. The last show in Providence, Rhode Island (northeast) last night, was attended by six elephants to the accompaniment of the head of the group of circus Jonathan Lee Ίβερσον, announced a “historic moment” for this legendary circus. Traditionally, the elephants in this circus gave group performances, during which, for example, did you sleep or were playing with a balloon. The elephants are used in american circuses for 200 years. According to historians, the pioneer of this business Ασάλιαχ Bailey bought an african elephant in 1808, the first presented by a number with the participation of an elephant in american soil. The mobilization, however, during the last years of the organisations of protection of the rights of animals, which have been repeatedly before the courts, resulted in the awareness of the public forcing the entertainment industry that uses elephants and other animals to stop this practice. In addition, the authorities in many american cities have taken steps that make it even harder for circuses to use elephants in their performances, as for example the ban on use of the “bullhook”, a kind of hook they use to force the animal to obey. The company Feld Entertainment Inc. it belongs to the circus Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey had announced in March 2015 the decision to end the shows with elephants by 2018 before disclosed a few months ago that the last show would be May 2016. Activists, however, expressed their reservations about the centre for protection of elephants in the circus in Florida by pointing out that it is the space is insufficient and can not provide comfort to the animals.