“Fiesta at the CDC, unpaid workers”

Dear Tromaktiko,
Ladies and gentlemen…
Γιαννόπουλε (President of the JV.EL.E.NO.)
Papadimitriou (Director WITH.EL.E.NO.)
Polyzou (Responsible for economic management.EL.E.NO.)
and the rest of us responsible,
why don’t you pay the employees of the organisation?
You have sent last month, an apologetic email to employees who have left still unpaid, mr. Γιαννόπουλε it?
You with another email didn’t give the “reason” that won’t happen again, throwing all the responsibility in financial management and in mr. Polyzos it?
By the summer of 2015 you get a 35.000.000€(!) with details to be confirmed from all the Clarity.
What happened to the money.EL.E.NO. your Honor?
A few days ago, organized and fiesta for 23 years.EL.E.NO..
Why 23? Fiestas make for something serious with a date, a milestone, and not the drop of a hat, especially at times like these.
How much did it cost and what lady was it?
Do fiestas while they don’t have papers, toilets, water coolers, and know that you will not be paid employees?Reader
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