Fiery hell in Rhodes -Uncontrolled fire, burned stables and machinery

Uncontrolled rages on the great fire that broke out in Rhodes…
The fire, estimated that it started from the forest area between Arnitha and Apolakkia, has taken large dimensions due to the strong winds in the area.
In fact, the village of Apolakkia was evacuated, the flames have reached up to the 5X5 court in the village square, while they have damaged orchards around the village, have been burned stables and farm machinery.
According to information, the fire is now approaching the Αρνίθα, with fronts to be revived and, in Ιστριο. Are 4 fire engines and 2 helicopters (expected two), as well as ground forces. In κατάσβεσή will assist 2 canadair from Samos and the firefighting helicopter based in Maritsa.
‘ve already been given a mandate to strengthen the forces of forest fire control with 20 people hiker section of Athens, and is expected directly to Rhodes, the coordinator of the business of Such.Y., major general APV Theodosius Δημακογιάννης.
Tomorrow is planned, moreover, to come to the island and other fire fighting vehicles.
15:40: The fronts seem to multiply as time goes on and now, according to the information that is there, there is a serious risk for both the Αρνίθα, and the Panagia Skiadeni. At this time, in addition to the ground forces, operating from the air two Κάναντερ and two helicopters, while additional expected and two Super Puma.
16:01: forehead to the Panagia Skiadeni has been limited, however, changed the direction of the wind and the fire’s heading towards the Ίστριο, creating an additional serious problem for the δασοπυροσβεστικές forces of the island. According to a statement in the “Rodiaki” the president of the Ιστρίου Claus Βουκκή, the tongues of fire surround and Ίστριο, with the result that has been going on for a few minutes, the evacuation of the settlement.
16:10 Map with the two fronts raging in the region, in accordance with the programme of MODIS of NASA (by John Δραβίλα)

16:40: the president of the Municipal Community Ιστρίου Claus Βουκκής said in topontiki.gr: “The fire is uncontrolled. We’re evacuating the village, transporting mainly elderly people in neighbouring areas. The houses are not directly threatened, but if there is no help from the ground and air forces in the region soon, the fire would have us surrounded”.