FEAR OF A FINE-freezes the Mammoth LIMEWIRE

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(Title) the razor’s edge is the survival of the same name and LimeWire file-sharing system via the Internet, which moved against the record companies pay.
The association of recent The RIAA, LimeWire blames for failing to take any steps not to distribute music and films via the platform. The relevant application was discussed at the New York court, which found that the LimeWire had not done what you could have done to prevent the movement of pirate copies and remains, now, the calculation of the fine will be imposed on .

According to rough calculations, the fine may be imposed on LimeWire can overcome it … 1 billion dollars, and there are even more pessimistic estimates speak of, unthinkable to be paid from any amount of 150-billion
The LimeWire side says that is communication with the RIAA to find of-court settlement that would give the right to continue operating.
The company makes, among other things, why develop a technical solution that will enable producers to sell music or movies, but not excluded RIAA to choose a hard line and substance to enforce the “lock” on LimeWire and platform.

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