Fay Skorda for Angela Demetriou: Is there a man who lays a hand on his mother?

Full of surprise she heard her statements, her, when the first reported how she never laid a hand on her mother. Angela Demetriou, found herself on the show “Epios On the Front” in her first interview after the recent loss of her mother. Among what she said, she spoke about her children and her relationship with them. A screenshot of the interview was commented by Fay’s Time as part of her morning show. “So someone else has done it? While talking about her children?”, Fay Skorda asked visibly shocked after the singer’s statement. “I was impressed by Angela Demetriou and the interview she gave yesterday and which was the first interview essentially after what happened with her daughter and the loss of her mother. At some point while talking about her daughter and her children, she said that I never spoke back and laid a hand on my mother. I laid a hand on my mother, it’s not the first thought. You talk about your kid and you say I never laid my own mom’s hand. You don’t say that,” he then said on the show panel. “Are we allowed to think hypothetically? No, but it’s amazing what he says that I never laid a hand on my mother. So someone else has? While talking about her children?” finally asked the presenter.