Father turned back and killed his 19-month-old daughter

The tragedy a father experienced when he killed on his own account his only 19 months behind him, he revived in a British court. The unfortunate little girl died a horrible death on the wheels of his father’s car, when the latter reared outside their home, in the town of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, Britain. The accident occurred on 21 May 2023 the day Haniyah Bint Vaqas Youni played in the family home yard when she opened the garden door and went out on the street, as said in Bradford Coroner’s Court. Haniyah was found in the blind spot behind the car parked opposite the house. Researchers concluded that the car sensors were unlikely to have located Haniyah because she was so small, Yorkshire Live reported. Coroner Martin Fleming pointed out in court: “Haniyah was a wonderful, vibrant, healthy little girl. The great tragedy here is that there was nothing to warn the father about her presence.” There were no witnesses to the accident and the coroner examined the “extremely painful” footage from CCTV cameras delivered to him by Haniyah’s neighbors. Neighbors and two doctors rushed to help the unfortunate child after the scream heard from the mother who held her daughter in her arms and saw blood running through the girl’s nose. In the 19 – month – old child, she was taken to the hospital however despite their agonizing efforts doctors were unable to save her.