Farwest scenes in Volos among minors: They beat up their classmate and threw him in a dumpster.

An extremely shocking incident of violence between was noted in , with a victim of a 16-year-old whom his classmates after beating him threw him in a dumpster. As taxydromos.gr writes, the incident with minors occurred in Tsiknopepti (07.03.2024), shortly after 22:00 at the park of the district of Agios Georgios, in the Chrysohoidis area in Volos. An eyewitness was driving around the area. Suddenly, he writes the local door, saw a group of 12 children, at least 16 years old, who were knocking on an identical one. “He was ruthlessly beaten with kicks and punches. They had even grabbed cardboard through a recycling bin and hit it with force in the head. Others struck and others watched and laughed. The child endured the blows, without reacting, until they raised him and threw him in the blue recycling bin,” he described as shocked. The young woman reacted directly to this spectacle. He shouted at me to prevent the worst as the kids started running. He immediately rushed to the point to help the teenager with his head in the recycling bin. The child was struggling to get out because he was in danger except to be even more seriously injured, suffocated. Once he was able to free him, he tried to convince him to move to hospital to be examined by doctors. She herself in the confusion of what she experienced did not think to inform the police. “I might have had to, but at that moment I was lost. I was shocked,” she acknowledged.