Famagusta – next episode: Michael’s freedom hangs by a thread

Courtyard throws this Sunday (10.03.2024, 21:00) the series. What we will see in the 8th and final episode of the first cycle. The great production of MEGA, Famagusta, which the ratings show every week has won the television audience, will return to our receivers on Sunday, April 7. Christina’s anxious attempt to find at least one information about her lost son, shortly after the tragic separation in the summer of 1974, continues. In today, the time of trial has come and Michael’s freedom literally hangs by a thread. Will he be able to prove his innocence? Paul’s health is rapidly deteriorating causing anxiety to grandfather and the intense reaction of Iphigenia. Another horrible war story is revealed on the documentary camera for 50 years by the Turkish invasion. An unexpected ally gives Michael hope that he will come out unscathed from the trial. Famagusta – episode 8: Sunday, March 10 Through flashback, we monitor Christina’s ugly psychological condition after her baby’s loss in 1974. In today, Grandpa is concerned about Paul’s state of health, but Christina assures him that he is just tired. Michael continues his interviews for the documentary. An elderly man today describes the moments and rapes he suffered in the prisoner camp after the 1974 invasion. His horrible punishment for killing the executioner of his best friend. Iphigenia is heavily alarmed when she witnesses a seizure of Paul. She’s begging him to try an alternative treatment. Michael’s trial day is coming and all the heroes are coming to court. One testimony follows the other. Michael declares his innocence and breaks out against Katerina. Andrea’s speech is a catapult against him. But the unexpected appearance of a defense witness, the only one who knows the truth about the murder, overturns the data… Starring: Giannis Bezos, Coralia Karantis, Christos Loulis, Andreas Georgiou, Emilia Hypantis, in the role of Grandpa George Zenis Vasiliki Trufakos, Neokles Neocleous, Sophia Kallis, Stefanos Michael, Sophia Pavlidou, Asteros Kyprianou, Daphne Kyurktsoglou, Marianna Sandi, Vangelis Kakouriotis, Christina Papadopoulou, Dimitris Antoniou, Gregory George, Lucia Mousoulioti, Georgia Kouvarakis, Andreas Chrysanthos, Christina Sotiri, Athos Antoniou And the young children: Angelos Georgiou and Andreas Christodoulou In the role of Archbishop Makarios, Gregory Valtinos In the role of Harita Mantoles, Despina Bebedeli Directed by Andreas Georgiou Senario: Vana Dimitriou Research and writing true stories of the missing persons: Dimitris Tokaris Advisor of Dramaturgical Evolution : Costas Caponis Concept: Vanna Dimitrios – Andreas Georgiou Directorate of Photography: Rafael George Original Music: Christos Stylianos Music Editor: Petros Sergakis Executive Producer: Koulis Nikolaos Execution Production: G&N MAKE IT PRODUCES LTD Production: ALTER EGO MASSMEDIA S.A. MEGA Famagusta: Sunday at 21:00 at MEGA.

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