Fairy-tale scenery in Metsovo with a view to Christmas [photos]

A pole of attraction for the Christmas holidays, is expected to be, and this year the picturesque Metsovo,with the Weekends full already…
of life!
One of the most popular destinations wore festive for Christmas!, the scenery looks like straight out of ..a fairy tale!
In the central square of the manger ,the christmas tree and the λαμπνιόνια in the picturesque alleys ,to cause to visit..
High levels are expected and this year to move the completeness of accommodation for Christmas and new Year ,giving economic breath to the local entrepreneurs and moments of relaxation to its guests.

The average price for δίκλυνο December of this year is around 82 euro, with the prices but start from much lower levels.
All the hotels in the area provide high quality services that will make a visitors holiday definitely unforgettable!

Photos: Dimitris Stavrou