Explosion in Kallithea: Where are the investigations from the Blackmail DEA – looking for a connection to the attack on Piraeus

Shock and horror has caused the strong bomb explosion in the area at Monday morning (11/03/2024). The cellar in Kallithea was completely destroyed after the deafening explosion with the area looking like a bombed landscape as huge damage suffered parked cars. The executives of the Extortion Division investigate the motives of the bombing and whether it is linked to the explosion at the gas station in Piraeus. According to SKEI’s main newscast, the liquor store appears to be owned by a person from Western Greece. However, according to ELAS officers an silent administrator appears to be the owner of a well-known nightclub in the same area, which has been targeted by bombers on December 31, 2010. Executive executors consider that the bomb order at the liquor store has given people of the night as a message of pressure while they do not rule out incentives to be blackmailing or have come from professional confrontations due to expanding business plans of the target candidate. This is why they consider the statements of both the owner and the silent administrator of the company to be critical as it was allegedly extended business to Mykonos, Athens, Patras and Pyrgos. It is also considered whether there are incentives for his athletic involvements as he had previously been a factor in 2 football teams in Western Greece and had even attempted to buy one of them in the Achaean capital. The report in the Star’s main newscast reveals that police officers in the Blackmail Division are looking for the connection between the explosions in the liquor store in Kallithea and the gas station in Piraeus. In particular they are looking to find out whether one attack is an answer to the other or whether it is the same moral perpetrator. The sure thing is behind the two attacks are “circuits” of the night. As Star reports, police officers have gathered very important videos for both hits. From Kallithea they follow the route of the suspicious machine that appears at the point 2 minutes before the explosion. Special analysis of the material is done to identify signs and faces. In Piraeus, research is conducted through the undisclosed abduction. The place where the explosive device was installed is “blind” so they examine videos 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the explosion. They already have a list of vehicles and machines in their hands. It’s all being investigated until they end up in what they’re looking for. “Kraniou place” the neighborhood on Pantos Street In another video, a few hours after the powerful bomb, the magnitude of the disaster is reflected. Cars have become wrecks, the glass facades of the shops have become debris, while the whole road is full of debris from the most powerful shock wave. It is worth noting that from the explosion there was a crater of 40 cm, while the apartment windows broke down to the 5th floor.

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