Exarchia: They opened her mouth to rip her teeth out – Care frame the horror of 36-year-old from the two Somalis

Moments of horror for young woman at home who lived in . Newsit.gr reveals the photograph of one of the two perpetrators… The two Somalis who entered the 36-year-old hairdresser’s apartment in Exarchia were determined for everything. They robbed the woman, attacked her to rape her with the threat of a screwdriver and the incredible thing is that she was forced to have her mouth opened to see if she had gold teeth to rip them out! With screams the 36-year-old managed to save herself at the last minute, while experienced Exarchie Security officers managed directly to capture the alien you see below in the image secured by newsit.gr. They’ve identified his accomplice and it’s only a matter of time before his arrest. The nightmare for the hairdresser began shortly after five in the morning. The 36-year-old slept with the lights on in the 1st floor apartment of Rethymnon Street in Exarchia. Suddenly the two young Somalis enter with screwdrivers in their hands. “Don’t shout we won’t hurt you” she was told with broken Greek and continued: “Don’t talk they’ll listen to us… We will steal and leave…”. Immediately one immobilized her and the other began searching the house. Then the 20 – year – old began to grab the girl’s chest, which with all the powers began screaming. The moments that followed were frightening. With the screwdriver in hand Somali returned and after he lowered his pants he tried to rape her. The girl screamed and the Somalis shouted “shut… shoot…”. After realizing that the 36 – year – old would not stop shouting and the danger of neighbors listening was great, they got up to leave. As the 36-year-old told the exarchive security officers before leaving, they forcedly opened her mouth to see if she had gold teeth to rip them out. The hairdresser just ran away went to the police and described the nightmare she lived. The officers with two videos that secured the newsit.gr, managed to immediately capture one Somali in Saint Panteleimon and it is only a matter of time before they can locate the other.

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