Exarchia: “They both tried to rape me but I blocked them,” says the 36-year-old woman in newsit.gr.

‘ They both tried to rape me but I blocked them,” says the 36-year-old girl, who experienced moments of terror, when two Somalis 18 and 20 years old entered her home in and after being robbed, attempted and raped. “ I was calm and never shouted for help. That blocked them. I was talking to them quietly. I was told to whisper, ” states the 36 – year – old young woman in newsit.gr, describing the nightmare that lived in her apartment in Exarchia. “ They came in from the balcony and I was sleeping in my bed. It was 5.20 in the morning and suddenly I opened my eyes and saw two men, one left, the other right approaching me and making a shot. I was automatically quiet, I was cooperative. Of course I was scared, but I was very calm and that was what saved me,” he adds. “I imposed them” The 36-year-old in the shocking incident she experienced on February 29, looked in the face of fear and was able to react, when the two perpetrators attempted to abuse her. “They both tried to rape me. I had ‘made’ them a very calm environment, because I had spoken honestly to them and informed them that no one else would come home because I am living alone. They went to take down my blanket and tried to touch me, I told them with a firm voice ‘’no, I don’t want’ and I didn’t leave any room. As we were told “they were asking for money but I said ‘I don’t have, look’. I had about 1,100 euros at home but I was buying time. I knew they’d find the money in the first place. They found them and left without hurting me. He was in the house for 10-15 minutes. They opened the door themselves and left. Apart from the money and the others stole my phone, but I was able to notify from the viber on my laptop.” She asked for help from the neighbor but he feared Notable though, according to her, when she asked her neighbor for help, he was afraid. “I knocked on the neighbor’s bell next door, knocked heavily on his door and slammed my door from the inside. He realized something was wrong, but he didn’t help me. The next day he told me he didn’t listen to me. I hit again this morning, around 8:00 and he ignored me again.” “I am not afraid, I will continue to live in Exarchie” The girl who has been living for seven years in the Exarchives region reports in newsit.gr: “I’m fine just running with paperwork now because they stole my identity, my cards, cash, everything. I’m not afraid. I’ve lived in Athens for 7 years. My people were nervous but I was calm. Even when I went to testify to the department, they didn’t realize I was the same person inside the house. We must be calm and firm because they block, wait for you to react.” In fact, he makes special reference to the effort and effectiveness of the Archives Police Department. “The Archives Security team has done a terrible job. The officer, Mr. Apostolis, was caught by the slightest detail, investigated. We are prejudiced with the police, especially for the department of the Archives I want to stress that they really love their work,” concludes the 36-year-old woman who almost was raped by the two Somali men on the dawn of February 29th at her home in downtown Athens.