Evi Droutsa for Giannis Kotsira: I didn’t see any culture from him.

‘ What he said was completely wrong, he had to first see what was going on,” he answers the song written by the songwriter Stefano Pitsiniga, “Strong – Ta -ta” and the performer’s reaction. Evi Droutsa was on the set of the show, Super Katerina” following her recent statements on Marina Sati’s song “Zari” that will represent Greece in Eurovision, and the placement of Giannis Kotsira. “If we say “the” three times, we are in danger of getting sued,” said the popular performer, on the occasion of the song “Strong-tah”, written by Evi Droutsa for Stefano Pitsiniga. Evi Droutsa’s answer: “It was unfair because suddenly Kotsiras accuses of being a great culture, I did not see any culture from Mr. Kotsira. They said Kochiras sings with those who have culture. You never say you have culture. It’s another thing for others to say it and for you to know it yourself,” Evi Droutsa said. While commenting: “There’s a difference, guys, you misunderstand my words. I know my job very well (…) What he said was completely wrong. He had to first see what happened and then say it…”. “The company says – as Marios Psimopoulos told me – go out and tell them that ERT should normally ask for permission. After the company said so, I said so. It is a company I work with”, concluded Evi Droutsa for the lyrics performed by Marina Satti and the comparison with her song about Stefano Pitsiniga.

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