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Every mom who respects herself, says the following lies to the children of…

They say that honesty is the best principle in our lives…
I could agree with that before I became a mom. To my kids I think I need to tell you the truth.
But I like a mom saying, and some lies to my children. Before you accuse me, I want to stress that I am referring to the little white lies that do not harm anyone and is purely for the protection of my children and for my survival as a mom.
Every mom so, who respects herself has to say these lies to her children:
“No, I’m not leaving, I will wait for you until you come back from school”
“Yeah, I’ll take you with me.”
“I’ll be back in 10 minutes.”
“I didn’t eat the chocolate. Maybe you ate it and forgot about it?”
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“Your drawing is very nice. (Maybe I should start a painting class?)”
“Oh, I don’t have batteries for the game playing in full blast for three hours of the same song.”
“If you don’t put on a seat belt in the car, the police will find you and arrest you.
“Time’s sleep.” (The clock’s deliberately half an hour in front)
“To see you!” ( The truth is, I want to say, “no, I can’t see you.”)
“If you don’t get in the car now, mom’ll get fired for being late and we will have food and money for games.”
“Tell me what happened or I will call your teacher to tell me.”
“My food is spicy, and you won’t like it.”
“We’re not going today, a children’s playground. Is closed.”
“The tooth fairy didn’t come today because he had a lot of work. Will try again tomorrow. (Just don’t forget it)
“You see that sign at the restaurant?Means to be quiet and don’t run or you’ll kick us out.
“Yeah, it’s white salami. (It’s chicken)”
“I don’t have games on my cell phone.”
“It’s gone this perfect and καθόοολου annoying game.”
“I’m coming, I’m on my way.”
Don’t tell me that you have not told the above lie to your kids…Unless you’re lying to me!

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