Eventually the child or not to believe in santa Claus

A lot of parents as they grow and create their own…
family challenge the myth of santa Claus and forget how they felt about him when they were children themselves. Consider that you don’t need to believe in someone who doesn’t exist and to create a false expectation. But the truth is that every child has the need to believe in santa Claus and experience the magic of Christmas.
Mr. Stelios Μαντούδης, Developmental occupational therapist, explains to us the reasons why it has a positive effect the myth of santa Claus in the emotional life of the child.
Reinforced the magic of Christmas and the memories
The kids each time they write a letter to Santa and are eagerly awaiting their gift. The child expects in a archetype of a good man who will reward you by fulfilling the personal desire because he was a good kid. Waking up on Christmas morning and running to the tree with joy and anxiety to find what was left to Santa Claus. All of these are ritual procedures which enhance the magic of Christmas and create intense and beautiful memories, which are imprinted in the memory and we carry on throughout our lives.
Strengthens the imagination
Santa Claus is himself a creature of fantasy. The children when they hear about that build and create in their minds the image of a στρουμπουλού old man with a long white beard and a sleigh with several reindeer. Enhanced the creative side of the child and allow the child to believe that everything is possible to happen.
Enhanced the generosity of the
Santa Claus is a good-hearted old man who, every year, in one night, makes gifts to all the children of the earth. This teaches the children the offer, the efficiency, generosity and selfless act. Offers gifts and joy to children without he has some kind of benefit.
Children retain their innocence
The childhood and the carefree years go by very quickly and before we know it we are adults burdened with stresses of everyday life. Keep up the childishness and innocence of your children and make them believe in santa Claus, even if you are naive. Even we, as adults, we don’t believe, good is not to destroy or disrupt the child’s world and imagination of a child and all these emotions that can be created around the myth of santa Claus.