Evening surgery: First images from the country’s hospitals, on Thursday the Annunciation makes a premiere

The light of publicity sees the first images through the afternoon paid in public Earlier Adonis Georgiadis had visited the hospitals Papageorgiou and AHEPA in Thessaloniki where the afternoon surgeries for payment premiered nationwide. So the Minister of Health also published photographs not only of the hospitals he visited with Deputy Minister Mario Themistocleous, but also of afternoon surgery at Kavala Hospital. In his post he says that “Papageorgiou”, “AHEPA”, Kavala Hospital and Alexandroupolis Hospital, hospitals that performed surgery first from all over Chora. Eventually Northern Greece gave the pulse to this Reformation. From tomorrow they start in many more hospitals and Thursday in “Evangelism”. Despite our fears the Reformation seems to start very well and patients make appointments by dozens across the country.” With the Deputy Health Ministers Mr.Themistocleous and Vartzopoulos we were at the Hospitals “Papageorgiou” and “AHEPA” where the first afternoon Surgerys took place in the NHS. The first patient, Mr. Emmanuelides Giannis 67, waited to be operated on by… — Adonis Georgiadis (@AdonisGeorgiadi) Today Tuesday 12-3-2024 at 15:30, the first intervention took place in GN Kavala as part of the institution of afternoon surgeries. In particular, a patient aged 86 was subjected to plastic A.R. groin by Mr. Triantafyllidis John, Director of the Surgery Department… — Adonis Georgiadis (@AdonisGeorgiadi) Alexandroupoli: The surgery was urological, Hydroceli, in the category “small”. It was conducted by the Director of the P. Urological clinic, Prof. Christos Kalaitzis and Anesthesiologist Nikos Nikitidis. The whole process started at 15:30, went well, without unexpectedly and the patient… — Adonis Georgiadis (@AdonisGeorgiadi)

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