Evening surgery begins in Evangelism, Attikon, “Genometas” and “Papageorgiou” – Up to 2,000 euros the cost

Today (5/3/24) the joint ministerial decision on afternoons, which will take place beyond the regular working hours of the National Health System, as stated in the communication, was signed. The first paid afternoon surgeries are expected to begin within the next few days in four large hospitals, namely the hospitals Evangelism, Attikon, General State “G. Gennimatas” and Papageorgiou Thessaloniki. As for the cost, the Ministerial Decision provides that patients will pay for these surgeries from EUR 300 to EUR 2,000 . As Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis said, “with a plan and vision for the health transition to tomorrow’s Health, we introduce the institution of afternoon surgeries with the aim, on the one hand, to reduce the waiting lists of patients waiting for surgery and on the other hand to increase the incomes of doctors and nurses working in the National Health System.” From now on, thousands of patients waiting for months to years to operate will be able to find a way out in afternoon surgery at a cost far below a private clinic. “I believe very much in this measure,” the Minister added, “and I think it will be embraced immediately by both hospital staff and patients. We continue firmly in reforms for a National Health System worthy of the expectations of Greek citizens.” On the other hand, Deputy Minister of Health Marios Themistocleus said: ‘Evening surgery, a system that is successfully implemented in all European health systems, aims to help reduce waiting time and enhance the remuneration of the NSO staff. With transparency and control, ensuring the seamless operation of regular surgeries, we give an additional option to our fellow citizens by making maximum use of the capabilities of the NSO.” “Our goal is to serve directly and effectively as many of our fellow citizens as possible by receiving high quality services. Funding of 60m euros from the Recovery and Resistant Fund for the execution of over 50,000 surgeries that have been on hold for months as well as the Single Digital List of Surgery are essential steps in this direction.” Funding from the Recovery and Durability Fund involves conducting surgeries for people who remain in the Surgery Lists for a long time. Their priorization will be done in chronological order (from older to younger), as reflected in the Single List of Surgery. Source: iatropedia.gr