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Evasion MANY billion. EURO by false invoices … BUT DO NOT CARE …

(Title) the darkest paths evasion move more coordinated investigations by the Prosecutor of Athens with the assistance of the Office of Special Inspections to uncover “scientific” methods of concealment of income from business and leisure professionals.
Prosecutor Mr. Adamis Fri supervising research on economic crime, according to information from the “K” unleashed “Safari” in hundreds megaloforofygadon who engage in extensive foroklopi the version of virtual charges.
From coordinated investigations of the Prosecutor of Athens with an immediate and substantial contribution YPEE already obtained impressive evidence of organized fraud by limited companies and professionals, mainly doctors and lawyers who go so far as to pay third to secure virtual invoices!
The amount of income concealed by the method of fictitious invoices, which have flooded the market, come from previous investigations in two billion, while the prosecutor in charge has already gone to formation Matters.

According to information from competent sources, a total within a short period of time have formed 338 files tax evasion million by issuing fictitious invoices. Dozens are representatives of companies, limited liability and limited liability companies, and lawyers and doctors who are referred to trial for tax evasion, and for many files the court then the regular inquiry against them as the classes are to a degree felony.
From investigations of the Prosecutor for economic crime, which lately has been enhanced, resulting data refer to organized criminal activity, and in most cases restricted to the adoption of virtual charges, identified dozens of cases of self-employed who have “profession” a fictitious invoices and paid handsomely for it than aspiring megaloforofygades.
The detection of fraud charges with the virtual, as stated in the “K” responsible source, “it is difficult and requires thorough and spot checks in businesses and offices of doctors or lawyers, where he carried out almost daily raids now present the Special Prosecutor’s Office of Tests.

Furthermore, is such and such a weight tax evasion by the process that goes very simple tax fraud by concealing income is simply not reported and easily identified, and relevant research requires persistence and media.
However, in accordance with the assurances given by the competent authorities, controls virtually tariffs will continue throughout the summer in search of revenue to the treasury …

Ioanna Mandrou

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