Eurovision 2024: Marina Satti for “Ta ta” in “Zari” that disturbed Evi Droutsa

Post after the reactions for the verse “Ta ta” of her song “Zari”, made the , in the final line for her competition . Mixed reactions have caused the song “Zari” with which Marina Satti will represent us in Eurovision 2024. A few days ago Evi Droutsa did not hide her annoyance with ERT and the part of Marina Satti, which has in it the verse “Ta ta”. As the songwriter pointed out, it reminds Stefanos Pitsiniga’s song “Strong” and even the label is considering moving legally. On Sunday night (10.03.2024), the young singer wanted to respond with a post on her personal account on Instagram, publishing a photo of a music score she had at the age of five, where “Ta Ta” is shown on the screen. “Haha oh my God. I found these solo exercises from the Conservatory since I was 5 years old,” wrote Marina Satty with humor.

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