Eurovision 2024: ERT’s Gaffa, posted the song earlier on Youtube

She couldn’t… wait for someone on ERT and “press” the button to climb Youtube before her time the song Zari which will perform on her stage. Waiting from 21:00 for the video clip of the song Zari to be shown with Marina Satti who will represent Greece in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, with a pre-arranged, morning show program, without imagination, several of Eurovision fans found that the video clip they were waiting for had gone up on her YouTube! After an hour and a half, ERT understood her blunder and downloaded the song Marina used to sing. Satti will represent Greece in Eurovision, Sweden. But even though the video clip “disappeared” from YouTube, the… evil had happened after many saw the song and understood what had happened. “I wish we luck I fall and roll like a Zari I pretend to forget your name and everything changes around abruptly”… It’s part of the song lyrics.