European elections 2024: The battles, “bets” and the last calculations for the undecided

The time for this year has come, with party staff on alert. The country in the polls, while coming from Italy. “Key” in battle the indecisive. The European elections send the citizens of the country to the polls, with gladiators struggling and party staff making their last calculations. In everything there is optimism about the final result. “Great” and “small” of the central political scene, they think the sign at the end will be positive. It remains to be seen what participation will be and who will benefit from abstinence. The latest estimates refer to participation in 40-45% of the electorate. This is the lowest in the post-political years. Polls in recent days have been carefully analysed by party staff. In them, ND showed a steady lead, with Syriza and PASOK fighting for second place. Enhanced polls appeared both of the Communist Party and the Greek Solution in relation to the national elections. Satisfaction from the findings in Victory and Freedom Sailing , which they consider will be able to get a seat. New Left, MERA25, Democrats and Voice of Reason are expected to fight to catch the bar of 3%. If estimates of participation are confirmed at 40%-45%, it means that out of about 9.8 million voters will go to the polls just 3.9 to 4.4 million. Accordingly, the 3% bar will be secured with just 117,000-132,000 votes . The electoral measure whereby the number of seats entitled to each combination is determined depends on the sum of the percentages above 3%. However, this does not automatically mean that those parties that overcome this specific bar will take at least one of the 21 seats that Greece is entitled to in the European Parliament. Electoral analysts estimate the parties that will catch at least 3.1% appear to ensure a seat. For the election of a 2nd MEP it is likely that about 7.2% will be required. The 3rd seat at 11.6% and the 4th at about 16%. Key attitude of the undecided The tank of undecided moves into the 12%-14% zone and their final stop can significantly affect the final result. They’re people of different ages who didn’t want to open their papers. Many are likely to decide over the ballot, the ballot they will choose. In a number of regions of the country, battles with particular interest are expected and then comparisons with the latest election contests. The polling centers in Greece will operate from 07:00 in the morning to 19.00 in the evening. Voters can visit the interior ministry’s digital platform “Learn where you vote” to locate the polling station where they belong. Elections can choose up to four candidates with a cross preference. But if more crosses are placed the ballot is not cancelled, but is counted only in favour of the combination. European elections and heat waves The European elections will be held as everything seems in heat. The meteorologist George Tsatrafyllias, talks about warm air masses from Italy that will reach our country and bring to certain areas heat. “Impermanence in high temperatures seems to be presented this year June, since temperatures over 40 degrees have already been recorded and then again,” he writes and continues: “From tomorrow Sunday 9-6-2024 hot African air masses with dust after creating unbearable heat in our neighbouring Italy will gradually begin to affect our country.” It should be noted that 31 parties participate in the European elections while 21 seats claim 1,168 candidates. According to Interior Ministry officials, there will be at least 3 updates on the course of participation at 11.45, 14.45 and 17.45 on Sunday. Around 20.30 – 21.00 on Sunday evening will be announced and the first safe assessment for the final election result will be announced