European elections 2024 – Stefanos Kasselakis: Mitsotaki government has integrated far right and undermines Republic

“We want a strong autonomous and fairer Europe for everyone,” he said, speaking at an event for the presentation of the European party’s programme. The June 9 European elections will judge the future of the EU at a critical time, SYRIZA-PS President Stefanos Kasselakis said, from the event step in which the party’s European programme was presented and added: “As Syriza, we want a democratic, green Europe, a Europe of solidarity, security, labour, economic growth and convergence.” By attacking the government, Stefanos Kasselakis said that “the Mitsotakis government has incorporated the far right, turns right and undermines democracy and shames our country. Greece is low in free press and the rule of law. For the first time, our country was convicted of violations of democracy. It is a disgrace to cover up the responsibilities for Tempe, but also for the wiretap scandal. At the same time the government sells public goods like health and education. In foreign policy he accused the government as well as the EU of being a United States watcher. It is an EU of right-wing and far-right cohesive and is at the EU’s counterweight that citizens need to face open fronts and international challenges.” Stefanos Kasselakis also noted that “our country, the only thing he has in common with the rest of Europe is the euro” and added: “Today’s (p. 14.03.2024) event opens the campaign for the June 9 European elections”. The programme began with a video screening of ordinary citizens’ responses to how they want Europe.