European elections 2024: Seismology professor Akis Tselentis and actor Nikos Anadiotis among candidates with NIKI

The seismologist professor will be a candidate MEP with her in the next election. Four lawyers and lawyers, three doctors, a saint and an actor, o, are among the “17” who were announced to claim the vote for Brussels. Specifically, candidates with NIKI – with Nikos Anadiotis and Akis Celentis standing out – are: 1) Stavropoulos George, Athens, FETCS, MBA Director of Cardiosurgical Clinical Genna “Happocrate”. 2) Chelentis Gerasimos (Akis) Athens, Professor of Seismology Pan/miou Athens, Director of the Geodynamic Institute of National Observatory of Athens Director of National Center of Tsunami. 3) Iliopoulos Fotis Patras Special Orthodontikos. 4) Anadiotis Nikolaos Agios, actor. 5) Chios Dimitrios, Attiki. Doctor of Informatics & Telecommunications Consultant of Business 6) Kalyviotis Raphael Athens, Political Scientist Ministry of Geopolitics, Coordinator of the Network of Greek Conservatives, Staff in the maritime sector, Regular Writer in the Newspapers Estia and Democracy, Co-founder of the information website Manager of the political channel Right2thebone. 7) Maggina Nicholas Evros, Lawyer, Forester Environmentalist. MSc in environmental policy and integrated rural development. 8) Samaras Anestis Christianidis Aridaia Economist. 9) Karaiskos Konstantinos Komotini. Municipal Councillor Komotini with the Spartacus Citizens’ Party, Vice Director of Antiphonitis newspaper. 10) Inches John Pieria. Lieutenant General e.a. Section Chief of National Defence NIKI. 11) Kostidis Abraham, Thessaloniki. Guide 12) Ganoti Martha, Volos. Retired Banking Officer. 13) Pelidou Henrietta, Thessaloniki. Doctor, Professor of Neurology, University of Ioannina. 14) Fousa Athena Ioannina, legal businessman. 15) Vlachopoulos George Munich, Germany, Lawyer Athens-Monas. 16) Kalaizantonakis Spyridon Emmanuel Rethymno. Agiographer. 17) Anthrakes George Athens. Dr. Law of the University of Hamburg. Athens Lawyer and Postdoctoral researcher of Athens University of Economics.