European drop cup: Bronze medal for Kyriazis in sharpening

Coming to Leyria wanted to make a good start in the season. John did what he had to and even combined it with a bronze medal. With a better shot at 80.52 m, Giannis Kyriazis managed to take third place in a race that had a strong competition. The athlete coaching with Thomas Kyriazis started the race with 78.99 m, continued with 78.05 m and in the third shot he took 80.52 metres. Continue with 76.47 m and two invalid shots. First was Ukrainian Artur Felfner with 81.89 m and followed by Romanian Alexander Novac with 80.73 metres. Seventh Muzenides in the sphere Odysseas Mouzenidis played a good game in the shooting and took seventh place in the event, having a better shot at 19.30 m in his third attempt. The athlete who trains with George Botscariot started the match with 18.62 m, followed by 18.59 m, 19.30 m and 18.73 m, 19.16 m and 18.77 m. First place in the race was taken by Italian Zane Wair with 21.55 m with Scott Lincoln following with 20.98 m and Mesud Perrez to be third by 20.58 meters. Leonardo Fabrie did not compete due to disturbances in the admissions.

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