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European Debt Crisis Has Been Controlled Within The Overall Trend For Home Appliances Exports Are

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European Debt Crisis Has Been Controlled Within The Overall Trend For Home Appliances Exports Are

European Debt Crisis Has Been Controlled Within The Overall Trend For Home Appliances Exports Are

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Home Page > Business > Strategic Planning > European Debt Crisis Has Been Controlled Within The Overall Trend For Home Appliances Exports Are

European Debt Crisis Has Been Controlled Within The Overall Trend For Home Appliances Exports Are

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Posted: Aug 22, 2010 |Comments: 0



Warmer in the household appliance industry, the occasion, Greece European debt crisis triggered the debt crisis was underway, the capacity of China’s foreign trade export dramatic impact of household appliances by addition of a layer of instability. Greek debt crisis affects Europe and the world, Greece, once again brought the debt crisis is also filled with smoke in China?

The debt crisis has been controlled within

The end of 2009, Greece show hidden debt crisis, in December 2009 the Greek government said, the state debt had reached 300 billion euros, a record high. The world’s three major rating companies cut Greece’s sovereign rating, to a financial crisis, the euro fell sharply against the dollar.

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  Greek debt crisis has seriously affected international financial markets, and still escalated significantly in Europe and spreading.

While the aid program has been introduced in Greece, but still not a fundamental solution to the European sovereign debt problem, market impact greatly on Europe and the United States, a brother country, Portugal, Spain, Ireland also fall into the debt crisis. So far, the euro has depreciated against the U.S. dollar for nearly 15% against the RMB exchange rate in Europe is all the way down.

Ministry of Commerce on May 17 this year, the European debt crisis on the impact of deep concern about Chinese exports, including the appreciation of the RMB against the euro.

Sovereign debt crisis for the Greek Ministry of Commerce spokesman Yao Jian had pointed out that although China and Greece’s trade accounts for only a small proportion of China-EU trade, but the overall economic situation in Europe will be dragged down the Greek sovereign debt crisis is expected to EU economic growth is only about 1% to 1.5%. The debt crisis will be the consequences for China’s exports to China’s exporters an enormous cost pressure, but also on the impact of trade policy adjustments.

According to Guangzhou Customs statistics, from January to April this year, Guangdong, air conditioners, refrigerators and other household appliances, 9, exports grew 28.1% over last year, but in April than in March month of export growth slowed 8.2 percentage points, exports to the U.S. still not resumed its growth, most of the average unit price of exports declined.

As European sovereign debt problem may last for a long time, and may further deterioration and spread the Greek crisis is likely to other economies and other currencies to bring domino effect.

Analysts said that, given the scale of direct investment in China, Greece, the crisis will not bring much influence to China, but exports will become a “butterfly effect” of the victims.

  But there are also household appliances industry analysts say, the present, the debt crisis of the Greek influence on the Chinese appliance exports are short, long term trend of Chinese home appliance exports are still growing. Dubai event in February this year, the same limited impact, Greece can not change the global economic trends, the natural impact on China’s home appliance export control range.

Home appliances exports are still the better overall trend

Last year due to financial crisis, household appliances export poor. However, since the end of 2009 while sales in home appliances to further the better, as the global economic recovery, household electrical appliance enterprises have begun to improve the export situation. The first quarter of this year, the warming trend has continued, a significant increase in orders in enterprises. Operational data from the industry perspective, the standard household electrical appliance enterprises has improved overall gross margin, profitability has improved.

Appliance industry veteran observers Liu Buchen, said: “The export of household electrical appliance enterprises in China this year, better even than expected, due to the debt crisis triggered by the Greek series of phenomena, more or less the Chinese home appliance exports effect, gives the impression of movement appeared to W-type. ”

It is understood that the first quarter of this year, household appliances sales volume growth of 31.26 percent; the countryside in a total sales of home appliances products 16.033 million units, achieved sales of 31.67 billion yuan, respectively, year on year increase of 4.9 times and 6.9 times, production and marketing operation optimistic.

“Appliances to the countryside”, “TM”, “projects that benefit the energy-saving products” and other policies on the appliance industry’s growth has played a significant role in promoting. Appliances “TM” policies to promote the consumption of urban household appliances. Data show that as of April 7, 9 pilot provinces and cities of new appliances sold 9.29 million units, sales of as much as 36.45 billion yuan.

Liu Buchen, told reporters: “I personally believe that the debt crisis of Greece not to become a major decline in global economic crisis, the power may be localized and will not change the pattern of the global economy for the better. On the export of home appliances is a short, yet Greece did not see the debt crisis led to China’s home appliance exports more problems. ”

Chinese home appliance industry association relevant person in charge that the U.S. appliance industry can not replicate to the global financial crisis, its impact is limited, is in the controllable range. For the European appliance suppliers, may in the short term to reduce its demand for home appliances in China, the European Union but in the end economic aid to Greece after the adoption of appliance exports will not have continuing effects.

Although China’s household electrical appliance enterprises faster pace of product innovation, but the appliance

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