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    (Title)  The persecution of Gypsies in France, having led the condemnation of the opposition, humanitarian organizations, the Catholic Church, the UN and began to make grinding and in the government scheme, now moved and the European Union.
    After European Commission, which issued a rather tepid concern about what is happening in France and reserved to study the issue further, the European Parliament decided Tuesday to discuss the next day the situation of Roma in Europe in general.
    very moment that the issue of Roma shall be subject to wider European debate, the government Sarkozy, who has received criticism so far has found an unexpected, though far from flattering ally in the person of Philip Klaes, member of the far-right party Vlaams Belang, which claims the independence of Flanders by the Belgian state. “The demolition of illegal settlements, the fight against crime and prostitution, and deportation of aliens who have no legitimate income is perfectly legitimate acts in a democratic constitutional state,” said MEP Communiqu

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