Eurogroup on 9 May: Last ditch effort of the government for solution. A strong consideration as to whether there is an agreement!

Writes Nikos Κούτρικας
Financial editor member of ESIEA
Monday of Thomas, May 9, “lock”, finally, the extraordinary meeting of the Eurogroup…
In the evening of holy Thursday, the Finance Minister, Euclid Τσακαλώτος, updated by Jeroen Dijsselbloem the Eurogroup will meet on Monday 9 May at 3 pm.m.The prime Minister had telephone communications with the Secretary of the Treasury, Jack Lew, and the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, on the way to the completion of the evaluation. Tsipras predicted that “soon we will have positive developments” while he had a admonition to those who react: “Those who dream of a repetition of 2015 is asleep, and these days are exposed” is reported to have told the prime Minister.
In spite of this difficult point is the government after you will require from the lenders preventive measures of € 3.6 billion, i.e. 9 billion!
The scenarios of resignation of the prime minister and the launching of a coalition government, or elections are ongoing, if they consider that the measures do not bear the society.
It should be noted that in a body, the foreign press has launched the “Greek εκλογολογία” considering that soon the government will find the funds permit after the agreement is now deemed to be extremely difficult and…. suicide for SYRIZA .
Immovable the IMF
The IMF remains immovable in the positions for the introduction of preventive measures i.e. 4th memorandum of trapping essentially the Greek government SYRIZA-ANEL while information, the director of the Fund, Christine Lagarde, visibly upset and disgruntled by the handling of Alexis Tsipras declares: “For me the Forum is finished” while on the other side of the EU the Βόλφκανγκ Schaeuble remains faithful to the doctrine of the Grexit !
In a dead end Forum if you don’t end up to the eurogroup
Visibly troubled is the Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras after… “front is the cliff, and behind the stream” ! Suffice it to mention that the month of May must be paid τοκοχρεολύσια and the month of July should be paid the big dose to their lenders while they have begun to flare up again and the scenarios for…. haircut of deposits in the banks!
Scenarios for a waiver of the ” universal or elections
They started to multiply the scenarios for…. resignation of mr Tsipras and his government if agreement is not reached with many of these indicate that the government will pass in… exploratory commands that will lead to a universal government to be able to manage the impasse with another person for a prime minister if you don’t end up in agreement on 9 May.
Provopoulos and Dimas “play” in the scenarios for universal
The universal is able to govern for a period of 8 months while on the face of the prime minister heard the names of mr Provopoulos and Stavros Dimas.
Painful will be the elections for SYRIZA-independent greeks and Alexis Tsipras
Now, as for the scenario for sudden elections, with the possible resignation Tsipras will guarantee election of the Syriza… the “inability” to manage what he brought with the 3rd memorandum and the measures that require lenders!
Unless the SYRIZA vote for the measures that will essentially lose the society…

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