Eugenia Manolidou for Adoni Georgiadis: There are times when we have reached our limits

H and he met Nikos Hatzinikolaou, in the new episode for the «Epios Face» of ANT1. The Minister of Health and his wife reported on attacks that were taken and called on to face together to ward them off. A rare joint interview was given on Thursday evening (21.03.2024) . The Minister of Health and his wife were invited to the show “Epis Face” with Nikos Hatzinikolaou, and in all, they talked about their acquaintance and the difficulties they have faced in the years. “Adonis is not any politician. When we met, I had nothing to do with politics. From the moment he dealt and had this ascending course, our lives changed. We support his choice, since we see that what he does loves it very much, and he does well… He’s confrontational. Inside the house we try not to talk about politics, we both need decompression… There are times when we have come to our limits, but within the years we have learned to manage it,” Eugenia Manolidou initially said, commenting on how life is with a politician. “What you see happening with intensity to me, passes to me in the next second. People think I’m a brawler, my voice is a little irritating. All that you see is lies, in my life I’m not a conflict, I guess I’m settling. Kids make me what they want. The upper hand is Eugenia, and fortunately she’s strict with children and she’s setting limits, because I’m not doing very well… So it’s easy for me to leave any tension and political conflict out of the house. I scream mostly when I’m playing games with my friends… Eugenia, politics is not her favorite field, if I told her I would abandon politics she would be very happy. She’s a very supportive, excellent mother. I’m burying her. When I met her I fell in love with her for her beauty, but today I admire her for what she has achieved,” said Adonis Georgiades on his side about how easy it is to leave behind the tensions of political quarrels. TV and pause in music for Eugenia Manolidou “For me television was a necessary break in my life. I was going through a very difficult time in my life, and when the proposal came from ANT1 I gladly accepted it. My basic television business lasted three years… It had an expiration date from the beginning. I had a lot of family issues I had to deal with, I didn’t want Adonis to handle my own matters. It was never my dream to deal with television… I haven’t given up on music. I was writing symphony music, now I can’t do this because of lack of time, I’m using it differently, but it’s been a pause, but… abroad they still ask me to perform concerts, but I can’t leave in the middle what I started with the Greek lawsuit… To do business with music, I could only do it abroad… In Greece while I have had discussions, something always breaks because of Adoni’s political activity,” confessed Eugenia Manolidou. “I have put her in a very difficult position… I remember Eugenia was setting up a concert for ERT, and at that time we were informed that ERT should close… Eugenia charged it. Being a politician’s wife, let alone mine, which I am also a little troublesome, is not an easy matter,” said Adonis Georgiadis in turn. False publications and difficult times At another point in the interview, Nikos Hatzinikolaou asked them about how they faced the false reports that reported beating of Eugenia Manolidou by the Minister of Health. “We were with Eugenia at a table in Kifisia and they sent me this report from my press office. At first I didn’t pay any attention. In 24 hours all of Greece dealt with this. Eugenia was forced to speak. I have many flaws but I don’t beat up,” said Adonis Georgiades. “Generally I do not answer. Adonis called me and told me I had to say something because they say he beats me. Okay, bullshit. The Novartis case was tougher. That was ridiculous. The case with Novartis could have done a lot of harm to our family, it was very unfair. Too unfair,” the conductor said on her own side, with the health minister filling in, “ The worst thing was having to answer my son, Perseus, and he answering his classmates…. ” The acquaintance and the reason their marriage was delayed “Eugenia came as my student in the Greek lawsuit… I had an ex-wife. An excellent girl. We broke up very well. Eugenia had a difficult divorce that plagued her several years,” Adonis Georgiadis initially said of their acquaintance. “We were very troubled with the children” commented Eugenia Manolidou on how they managed to create this new family. “The children I met them very young. They bonded too much… I do not distinguish children from the previous marriage of Eugenia from ours,” said Adonis Georgiades with Eugenia Manolidou to supplement, “Our son Perseus, was five years old when we were married. The marriage came so late because we had some problems with my ex-husband.” “I fell in love with her at first sight. It was difficult at first,” Adonis Georgiadis admitted. “For me it was more complicated, when you have children, you think first about children. I wasn’t in the mood. I wanted to deal with my kids, my work, I had issues with my ex-husband… What I liked about Adoni was that we talked too much, we were close to age, because my ex-husband and I had several years of difference… I wasn’t thinking about having a serious relationship… one thing brought the other” confessed from her side Eugenia Manolidou. At another point, Eugenia Manolidou revealed that she advises Adonis Georgiadis not to go on television so often, while whether she misses the concerts, she said, I don’t miss concerts, I miss association with the orchestra, the creation of the track, rehearsals. But right now my priority is the Greek lawsuit…”.

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