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EU Civil Unrest Starting

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EU Civil Unrest Starting

EU Civil Unrest Starting

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Home Page > News and Society > EU Civil Unrest Starting

EU Civil Unrest Starting

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Posted: Jun 04, 2009 |Comments: 0


This is what we have seen so far. One million people hit the streets in Paris protesting the economic bailout of the people that they say caused the problems while the workers suffer. It is the banks they are focused on. There has been rioting in Greece, The Baltic Republics and Iceland. Britain has been suffering from wildcat strikes. People in Russian Federation and the Ukraine cannot take foreign currency out of the bank and their own currencies are dropping fast. After weeks of street protests in Iceland the Prime Minister there resigned. The value of their Krona currency dropped significantly, interest rates hit 18% and the country’s banking system collapsed.

The IMF has already bailed out Iceland, Hungary and Latvia with emergency loans. Bulgaria had big demonstrations in front of their Parliament protesting corruption and they turned violent. Europeans now waking up are using words like “Bankster”. More EU social unrest, demonstrations and violence are expected. If the EU governments do not fix things it can get ugly. Expect more resignations and more for the people governments coming into power.

Things are nice here in Central America – no crisis. Looking for a nice place to move to give us a call. Right now the government is not so involved in Latin America because of this changed focal point of interest. Looks like the table is turning. It goes to show that the government corruption and criminal activities will be revealed over time. Meanwhile the people are being politically active, as they should be in a democracy.

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-Gisela Martinez, originally published at

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Aurelia Masterson
About the Author:

Gisela Martinez is a senior partner with Panama Legal law firm ( She has years of experience in the field and now shares her observations of current events, politics, and law with the Internet community. She can be contacted at:


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