EU 110 billion euros aid Greece rescued euro questioned

but no unified fiscal policy. Although the “stability and growth pact” provides for the euro-zone countries, a clear budget deficit and public debt ceiling, but the EU Commission in the implementation process, only proposals and warnings were hardly a deterrent. In addition, the lack of audit rights, the European Commission data for the euro-zone members can do little false. In addition, the evolution of the Greek debt crisis also showed the euro zone countries, the internal disunity and unresponsiveness, lack of a long-term effective mechanism for crisis management.


    Experts believe that the Greek aid program to create a precedent for the euro area member countries to accept aid, but also created a precedent for the euro zone debt crisis. Relief program for the first time shows the 16-nation euro zone is difficult to avoid “financial guilt,” while the recipient government will be placed under the supervision of the common, the parties closer financial ties, no doubt the direction of integration promoted important step forward. Of course, also invited the International Monetary Fund, some analysts believe that the “outsiders” the common rescue of Greece, which to some extent even the euro area can be seen as “incompetent,” the proof that this is to enhance the euro’s international status “will be a long-term trauma. ”

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