Erdoğan incendiary statements from Izmir: The place that led the enemy to the sea

The Turkish President resumed his provocative statements against Greece, this time in a speech to . During his speech in Smyrna in view of the self-government elections in Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke of a city from being the “place of victory of the national struggle”, which “led the enemy to the sea”. The nationalist crescent Erdogan continued as he also pointed out that he is very happy to be in the “Egyptian pearl” that “a century ago was relieved of the enemy, but could not be rid of his poor relatives.” Please note that Erdogan’s statements are made a few hours before Deputy Foreign Minister Alexandra Papadopoulou and Turkish counterpart Burak Akchapar meet in Ankara. As part of the political dialogue between the foreign ministries of Greece and Turkey, bilateral relations between Greece and Turkey and regional and international developments will be discussed.