EOC gives 162,900 euros to 21 athletes and athletes for Olympic Preparation

It supports their effort. The Greek Olympic Committee supports financially athletes and athletes in view of the events that will take place in Paris. According to the relevant briefing, “… the Greek Olympic Committee at the last plenary session decided to strengthen athletes and athletes in view of the Olympic Games “Paris 2024” by accepting the proposals of the Olympic Preparation Committee and its President Giannis Karra. In particular will be given: In SEGAS 4,500 euros for athlete Georgia Despolaris. In the Greek Federation of Judo 22,000 euros for racing trips for Elizabeth Teltsidou and Theodore Tselidis. At the Greek Football Federation 10,000 for the men’s beach volley team. In the Greek Federation of Weightlifting 6,400 euros for the trip and participation in an international race by Thodori Iakovidis, Maria Kardaras, Sophia Georgopoulou and coach Valerios Leonidis. At the Greek Rowing Federation of Fans of Naval Associations 90,000 for participation in athletes and athletes who have qualified for the Olympic Games (Stefanos Duskos, Evangelia Anastasiadou, Christina Bourbou) as well as those who claim the qualification (Fitsiou Live, Eleni Kontou, Antonis Papakonstantinou, Petros Gaidatzis, Giannis Kalandaridis and Thanasis Paleopanos). In the Greek Golf Federation 20,000 euros for athlete Petros Karmi. In the Greek Federation of Modern Pentathlon 10,000 euros for Penelope Nika and Ariadni Naskaris and Philip Sechidis. A total of 162,900 euros and added to the 360,000 euros given by the Greek Olympic Committee since the beginning of the year for Olympic Preparation. “We continue to support the efforts of our athletes and athletes to qualify for the Olympics and we will do so until the qualification process for all sports is completed. Our goal is to go with the largest possible team in Paris and represent our country in the best way,” said President of the Greek Olympic Committee Spyros Kapralos. ‘