Enhancement of the TSB CALLS TIME

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(Title) upgrading and radical reorientation of the role and strategy of the TSB, in order to substantially strengthen particularly the economically weaker sections, especially the unemployed, low-income and youth calls SYN.

The TIME states that “the decision of the Labour Minister to suspend the benefits of TSB in the form of loan recipients are working under a set of payments, followed by the government on its obligations towards employees and society in order to present information made on the economic effects of the applied anti-social policy “.

It proposes:

* · The immediate establishment tripartite TSB funding to ensure a substantial annual government grant and not non-existent today’s symbol of the state.
* · The prompt settlement of the debts and liabilities of Social Security (2 billion) to the TSB, so the last upgrade the role and the housing program
* · direct more than doubled in construction work of the Agency to direct it to over 50% of the budget of the Agency as required by Law 2224/1994, which violates the TSB
* · radical reshaping and reorientation programs TSB in order to cover low-income housing, the unemployed and youth rather than helping the bank speculation
* · The establishment, with the specific role of the TSB, Public Housing Bank, which will undertake the implementation of a popular housing policy for the acquisition of human and decent housing.

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